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David Margrave, Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorney 524 S. Cascade, Suite 2
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
TEL: 719.227.7500
FAX: 719.636.2077
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   I believe an attorney’s job is to help the client to achieve goals and solve problems. This requires competence and undivided loyalty. It also requires sensitivity to the practical needs of the client.

   Some projects do not require intensive (and expensive) attorney input. Some clients prefer to consult generally on a project but to handle more or less work on their own rather than turning complete control over to the attorney. Therefore I offer “unbundled” services. This can include assisting clients in a limited way, such as consulting about a project without taking charge of it, reviewing and recommending changes to documents prepared by the client, or advising a client who chooses to represent himself or herself in court.

   In litigation matters, my job is to firmly stand up for the client’s interests and I am not shy about doing so. But zealous advocacy does not mean acting like a junkyard dog. In my experience, honesty and civility serve my clients’ interests better than pouring gasoline on a fire.

   I generally bill for my time at an hourly rate, in increments of tenths of an hour. The rate may vary according to the type of project or a client’s particular circumstances. Since each project is unique, I generally cannot quote a fixed price. However, if I can do so I will give my best advance estimate as to the cost of a project. I do not charge for time spent on introductions, fee agreements, billings, or similar matters.

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